International projects and partners

Read about our current projects and international partners.

Update for international partners

To mitigate the consequences of a spread of corona virus, one of the initiatives from the Danish government has been to close all Danish schools until April 14.

Your partner at ZBC is still working (from home) and you are welcome to contact us as usual.

We are following directions set by the Danish government, and are ready to resume all activities once it is possible.

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Why we participate internationally

Trough out the years the Danish Meat Trade College, now ZBC, has cooperated with partner schools and organizations in projects funded by ERASMUS+ and NORDPLUS supporting our international strategy.

Taking part in international projects is a tool for us to bring our teachers, staff and students’ knowledge and competences in play in inspiring and challenging frames as an alternative to “daily business” and to bring inspiration and experience in return to our own organization.

ZBC is part of the these networks:

EFVET – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training with members from 31 European countries. ZBC is member of the National board.

Ulixes European Economic Interest Group with Educational entities from all over Europe.

XARXA FP network with members from 15 European countries.

Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship – ZBC is member.

Current EU projects

For the time being the ZBC – The Danish Meat Trade College is participating in, among others, the following international EU funded projects:

Various 2–10 weeks educational training within ERASMUS+ KA1 VET Mobility projects for industrial butcher, retail butchery, cook & waiter, baker & confectioner, healthcare educations, hospitality, security guard, watchmaker, ICT supporter & service assistant both as sending and receiving partner for students and teachers in cooperation with our European partner schools.

“We are currently partner in a ERASMUS+ KA2 project Fit for 4.0. Together with 8 other schools in EU, we increase quality of teachers and trainers in teaching within the 4. industrial revolution.”

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Current global projects

Saudi Arabia
ZBC has been invited to bid for the capacity building program of COE, with the scope of assisting a cluster of 15 VET schools in Saudi Arabia in improving management, teaching, and building.

ZBC is working as a part of the Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship with EUC Syd, IBC Kolding and TEC in providing skills training to both private companies as the IHM of the Taj Hotel Chain and public entities as CII. Through the consortium, we are also working with Indian Universities in the area of applied science.

ZBC and IHM-A have a close relationship regarding summer schools, Danish interns to India, Certified Master Classes in food and beverage as well as development of joint curricula and educational programs.

Through many years of membership of CCID, ZBC has participated in both student exchange, and knowledge transfer through staff exchanges.

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Innovation and welfare technology 
Karen Inge Wahlgreen

Erasmus+ KA1 2019-2021 ”Travel 4 Future”
Malene Olsgaard

Social Europe, 2017-2019
Anne Mette Nielsen

ERASMUS+ KA2 project Fit for 4.0
Peter Bruus

Why choose study at ZBC?

At ZBC we are internationally oriented and we offer “all inclusive” packages with training programme, board & accommodation, airport transfer and cultural spare time activities according to level and needs of the learners. Our certified standard courses can be adjusted and tailor made in any combination that fits your wishes without compromising our high educational quality. Please feel free to ask for any combination of educations and we will do our outmost to fulfil your desires.

We offer different exchange programs for EU students from 2-10 weeks within the vocational (VET) sector and summer school programs covering subjects in food and beverage from basic introductionary courses for 1st year students to certified master courses for more experienced students.

For companies and enterprises, we offer specialized training programs aimed at managers and employees. Read more

Summer school programs bade basic og master

Vocation training

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