Vocational training of the food and service industry

At ZBC we offer education and training within the following educations:

  • Vocational education and training (VET): Industrial slaughter, retail butcher, sausage maker, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker, nutrition assistant, service assistant and security guard
  • Labour market courses for adults in the Danish food- & service industry

Read more about our different programmes and how to apply below.

Why choose us?

We consider human resource development in the meat industry to be strategically important for the future expansion of the sector.

When you choose us, you get:

  • A modern service minded educational institution, that services the entire Danish food manufacturing industry and especially the Danish meat industry.
  • A corporation that develops plans and implements relevant training activities for the Danish food and service industry and approx. 12.000 individuals, from these also students from abroad, are educated and trained annually.
  • Training at the college's facilities or in-service training locally at companies
  • Approx. 150 teachers and supporting staff to guide your journey 
  • 60 specialist teachers with very different technical educational background, supplemented with a pedagogical education
  • Training and education is also taught in english

Vocational education and training (VET) is directed at the following professions: Industrial slaughter, retail butcher, sausage maker, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker, nutrition assistant, service assistant and security guard.


The VET-programmes are sandwich- type programmes, in which theoretical and practical education at the college (approximately 1/3 of the time) alternates with practical training in an approved company (approximately 2/3 of the time) in order to ensure theoretical, practical, general and personal skills, which are in demand in the labour market.

Our facilities

The Danish Meat Trade College has full scale education and training facilities for the students:

  • Training slaughterhouse and de-boning facilities (4,000 m2) opened in 2011
  • Meat processing facilities for sausage production and smoked, cured products
  • Food shop for training
  • Training restaurant and cafe
  • Bread bakery & pastry bakery facilities
  • Various kitchen facilities
  • Training facilities for service assistants & security guards

The full scale training facilities for food production fulfil all veterinarian and hygienic requirements stipulated by EU and the objective is to sell its products under normal businesslike conditions to the local market or as export. The education is very practically oriented and provides the students with hands on experience during the educational periods.

Furthermore, the college has a student’s hostel at the premises, which secures the students convenient and safe frames for their stay.


About The Danish Meat Trade College

The Danish Meat Trade College is a non-profit independent Education and Training Centre founded in 1964 by the Danish slaughterhouses.


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