Costumized education and export

Increase your profitability in production

Our focus is to provide the participants with practical knowledge and understanding of production techniques in a meat production department as a foundation for understanding of the management tools for yield optimization and lean in production such as:

  • To obtain knowledge and understanding of various other aspects of the production process, which influence quality, yield and profitability
  • Practical knowledge of slaughter and deboning techniques
  • Understanding how to analyze efficiency of yield and quality control systems
  • Understanding the technical aspects of slaughter, de-boning and their influence on overall production and economy
  • Obtaining knowledge of the methods to optimize meat production
  • Being able to evaluate the operational chain in a full context with a purpose to reduce sub-optimizing
  • Understanding HACCP and own check systems in order to evaluate existing systems

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Why choose us?

We have built long term relationships with meat companies worldwide over the years, and provide improvement of profitability among other by changing mind set and understanding of importance of yield optimization and efficiency in production on manager level. It is our experience that you will find “gold” on the production floor, if you know what to look for.

ZBC labour market training - butcher working

Our facilities

ZBC - The Danish Meat Trade College has full scale education and training facilities for the participants:

  • Training slaughterhouse and de-boning facilities (4,000 m2) opened in 2011
  • Meat processing facilities for sausage production and smoked, cured products
  • Food shop for training
  • Various kitchen facilities

The full scale training facilities for food production fulfil all veterinarian and hygienic requirements stipulated by EU and the objective is to sell its products under normal businesslike conditions to the local market or as export. The education is very practically oriented and provides the students with hands on experience during the educational periods.

ZBC labour market training - butcher cutting meat

About The Danish Meat Trade College

The Danish Meat Trade College is a non-profit independent Education and Training Centre founded in 1964 by the Danish slaughterhouses.