At ZBC we offer education and training for Erasmus+ exchange students within the following VET educations: Industrial slaughter, retail butcher, sausage maker, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker, nutrition assistant, service assistant, watchmaker, ICT, auto mechanics, social- & healthcare assistant, pedagogical assistant and security guard.

ZBC holds an Erasmus+ charter accreditation and we constantly develop our international training programmes to include more educational fields, as ZBC offers education within more than 40 educations.

Read more about our different programmes and how partner schools can get in contact with us.  

ZBC cooperates with a wide range of partner schools around Europe within student exchange and Erasmus+.

Vocational education and training (VET) for EU students is at the time being directed at the following professions:
Industrial slaughter, gourmet butcher(retail), sausage maker, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker, confectioner, nutrition assistant, hospitality service assistant, watch maker, ICT supporter and security guard.
We constantly develop our international training programmes to include more educational fields as ZBC offers education within more than 40 educations.

Our main areas are: 

  • Food and hospitality
  • Agriculture and sustainability - farmer, landscape gardener
  • Business and retail
  • Building and construction
  • Technology and industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Healthcare and pedagogical assistant

If you are interested in hearing more about our programs, you must ask your school to contact us.

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Food & hospitality
Baker/ confectioner
Pastry Chef
Nutrition Assistant
Cook & catering
Gourmet Butcher/ retail butcher/ shop butcher
Industrial Butcher

Business & retail
Retail with specialties
Event coordinator
Business with specialties

Technology and industry
Automation technician
Industrial technician
Data technician
IT supporter/ programming
Process operator

Building & construction
House painter
Flooring contractor
Building assembly technician

Transport & logistics
Auto mechanic
Truck mechanic
Warehouse and terminal operator
Road freight

Agriculture and sustainability - farmer, landscape gardener
Landscape gardener
Landscape gardener assistant
Agricultural equipment operator
Agricultural assistant

Healthcare and pedagogical assistant
Social and health assistant
Pedagogical assistant

Service Assistant (cleaning)
Security guard



ZBC has full scale education and training facilities for students on different locations.
Below is a little insight of what we can offer for Erasmus+ exchange students studying at ZBC:

  • Training slaughterhouse and de-boning facilities (4,000 m2) 
  • Meat processing facilities for sausage production, smoked and cured products 
  • Food shop, restaurants and cafes for training
  • Bread bakery, pastry and various kitchen facilities
  • Training facilities for service assistants, security guards, pedagogical assistants and social and healthcare assistants 
  • Auto repair workshops and training facilities for watchmakers and ICT

Furthermore, the college has three student’s hostels at our premises in Roskilde, Slagelse and Ringsted. Upon agreement we can accommodate exchange students, accompanying teachers and staff.

Take a look at the ZBC student hostels

ZBC Vocational training for EU students - students at the school home


Statements from partners and previous students:

“I would like to thank you for the possibility of spend­ing eight weeks in Denmark. We learned many new things in this period, also things we could not learn at home. I really enjoyed our time and we grew closer to each other as classmates but also grew closer with our teachers as well. We had a lot of experiences.”

Tamás Hardi, butcher program in Denmark, Hungary


“ZBC has been one of our closest partners in our international activities for more than 10 years now. We are connected not only through various international networks but also through mutual trust which makes our cooperation even more worthy. ZBC has always been a highly professional, trustworthy and innovative part­ner and together we have worked in many successful projects of which some have even been awarded with special prices by the European Communion. We hope that this intense cooperation can continue in the future and feel honored to have ZBC as our close partner. ”

Silke Hillermann, Syke - Germany


“Cooperation with Roskilde is of great value to us. Starting at 2002 with meat students mobility, we grew with amount of students and professions (…) We are proud of having such good cooperation with ZBC, Denmark and we make plans for expanding further cooperation in exchanging students and teachers.”

Deputy Head, Roma Simukauskiene, Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Center - Lithuania

ZBC Vocational training for EU students - EU flag

Why choose ZBC?

We consider human resource development in the meat industry to be strategically important for the future expansion of the sector.

When you choose us, you get:

  • A modern service minded educational institution, that services the entire Danish food manufacturing industry and especially the Danish meat industry.
  • A corporation that develops plans and implements relevant training activities for the Danish food and service industry and approx. 12.000 individuals, from these also students from abroad, are educated and trained annually.
  • Training at the college's facilities or in-service training locally at companies
  • Approx. 150 teachers and supporting staff to guide your journey 
  • 60 specialist teachers with very different technical educational background, supplemented with a pedagogical education
  • Training and education is also taught in english
ZBC Vocational training for EU students - students at the board


For further information please contact International Department: