ZBC has full scale practical education and training facilities

Facilities at ZBC

ZBC has full scale education and training facilities for students on different locations.
Below is a little insight of what we can offer for Erasmus+ exchange students studying at ZBC:

  • Training slaughterhouse and de-boning facilities (4,000 m2) 
  • Meat processing facilities for sausage production, smoked and cured products 
  • Food shop, restaurants and cafes for training
  • Bread bakery, pastry and various kitchen facilities
  • Training facilities for service assistants, security guards
  • Pedagogical assistants: Creative kitchen, kitchen for manufacturing food for children/children’s institutions, multi-purpose room for physical activities, small outdoor vegetable garden etc.
  • Social and healthcare assistants: Demo rooms with patient beds and life-size paramedic dolls
  • Auto repair workshops and training facilities for watchmakers and ICT

Furthermore, the college has three student’s hostels at our premises in Roskilde, Slagelse and Ringsted. Upon agreement we can accommodate exchange students, accompanying teachers and staff.

Take a look at the ZBC student hostels

Facilities at ZBC - student in the kitchen