International partners and costumers recommends ZBC

Statements from partners and previous students:

“I have said this and will continue to say that ZBC is a place for young people to grow. You always have a special approach and attitude to the processes of growth and improvement of young people. Thank you to each of you for the time and experience you are willing to give to both young people and us as well.”

Gunta Grinhofa, project manager at VET Valmieras tehnikums, Latvia (Erasmus+ students on 5 weeks cooks programme)

“I would like to thank you for the possibility of spend­ing eight weeks in Denmark. We learned many new things in this period, also things we could not learn at home. I really enjoyed our time and we grew closer to each other as classmates but also grew closer with our teachers as well. We had a lot of experiences.”

Tamás Hardi, butcher program in Denmark, Hungary

„What does it mean to have a great partner is all what ZBC can offer for our students and teachers since 2004. Our cooperation started with the butcher school program, every year with  youngsters who learned a lot about Danish meat industry and also professional language. It is unbelievable to say, that during the past 15 years many of our students could participate in the program, which has developed a lot following the newest trends in the meat industry.

For 3 years already we started to elaborate bakery programs together what gave the possibilty to students to gain Erasmus experience abroad and practice with among other the delicious Danish marzipan pastries.”

Agricultural Vocational Centre of the Central Hungarian Region,
Ms Judit Emma TOTH, international coordinator

“ZBC has been one of our closest partners in our international activities for more than 10 years now. We are connected not only through various international networks but also through mutual trust which makes our cooperation even more worthy. ZBC has always been a highly professional, trustworthy and innovative part­ner and together we have worked in many successful projects of which some have even been awarded with special prices by the European Communion. We hope that this intense cooperation can continue in the future and feel honored to have ZBC as our close partner. ”

Silke Hillermann, Syke - Germany

"Tartu Vocational Education Centre has a long term and broad cooperation relationship with ZBC involving different partnership projects and student exchange programs. Hundreds of Tartu VEC students during the last decade have got excellent learning experience in different VET programmes offered by ZBC. Participating in an international partnership project led by the Danish Meat College (ZBC today) gave the possibility to design and create Nordic/Baltic Gourmet Red Meat competition for young butchers that improved and developed meat culinary VET programs in partner schools. It also gave a great opportunity to attract young people to meat culinary study programmes. 

During Covid19 pandemic when all physical international mobilities were canceled, Tartu VEC with ZBC took an innovative and modern approach for continuing  cooperation and developed virtual mobility activities with structure and content for VET students exchange that succeeded and got very positive feedback from students and teachers. We have a very good relations and friendship with the ZBC international projects team and are proud about this ever developing cooperation."

Andrei Atškasov, Coordinator of International Affairs, Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus - Estonia

"Hey, one of the Latvian news interviewed and posted my Denmark journey, i thought you might want to read it🙂" (below is an extract):
...Marks went in practice last autumn, to a small Danish town, spending 5 weeks there. The practice took place in one of the Danish schools where young people take the cook's profession. Given that the practice was led by professional chefs, the work seemed very exciting because both help and advice were provided on how to improve cooking skills and valuable advice on how to think more creatively, cooking and handing food. The lessons were both in the classroom, learning the theory and applying it practically in the kitchen. Practical training included the preparation of a variety of dishes, such as desserts and soups, and the distribution of different types of meat, as well as fileting fish and so on. As part of the practice, the students were able to visit the winery and participate in the process of collecting grapes, and then tasted on-the-spot wine.

The biggest surprise to Mark in practice in Denmark was the high quality control standards in the kitchen, as well as the importance of addressing hygiene requirements and overall cleanliness in the working environment. Chefs have been impressed as very neat and disciplined professionals in their posts. The surprise was also the different architecture in Denmark, which, although not so far from Latvia, has been quite different. The most striking impression has been the practice teacher/chef Andreas, who has been particularly responsive and helpful, has always tried to support every situation, and has personally provided very valuable advice.

“Erasmus+ Denmark's practice has succeeded in learning a lot of new things, and it is thanks to this experience that there is a new motivation and a much greater willingness to continue training in the food sector, “says Mark...

Mark Gančerjuks, Valmiera Technical School & former Erasmus+ cook student at ZBC