Why choose ZBC?

We have many years of international experience in education

ZBC was established back in the late 18th century and is a well-regarded institution with a long history of educating people. Today, ZBC is the largest educational institution in Denmark.

One of the largest technical and vocational schools in Denmark

Develop your skills through online courses

At the international skills course, you will meet very highly educated teachers with extensive experience in teaching Nordic cuisine, bakery and confectionery.

As a student, through online teaching you will get inspiration for Nordic cooking, sustainability in food production, hygiene courses, how to plan a menu and select wines, sourdough baking and many more options.

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Sustainability Ambassador

International online courses - Chefs training in the kitchen

Who we are and what we do

ZBC is the largest technical and vocational school in Denmark and specialises in cutting edge applied and professional programs at any level. Our VET programs lead to both highly practical and very technical jobs.

Changing the world can mean many things at ZBC: You can change your own world by educating yourself and thereby gaining the job that will give you the life you want. Through your education you can also develop and influence the sector you work in and thereby change the world of food experiences, construction techniques etc. Therefore, ZBC strives to get our students prepared to change the world by educating the workforce of tomorrow. We offer many of our students the possibility to go abroad e.g. with the Erasmus+ program as exchanges students. Also, our students and staff will meet with exchange students and staff who we welcome at our school.

In October 2019 ZBC was awarded with an Erasmus+ VET mobility charter - an accreditation and proof of high quality standards in relation to students and staff mobility. 

We always combine craftsmanship with innovation and development, so our students have the capability to do the best job possible and at the same time challenge the traditional way of doing things, so they remain the best in the field.


ZBC education - Masterclass in India

An international experience

At ZBC we have many years of international experience - from Erasmus+ KA1 exchange of staff and students’ programs and cooperation to selling educational solutions in foreign countries.

In cooperation with Danish world leading business, we develop programs that prepare the students for the requirements of each country. In many countries we also provide consultancy service e.g. in establishing VET in Africa, India, US, China and the Middle East.

As an example, we collaborate with partner schools in China, US and Argentina when it comes to students and staff exchanges and development of mutual courses and train the trainer cooperation.

We have sold courses and food and beverage courses to for example India and have didactic cooperation with leading businesses in India. Among others with the Four Seasons hotel chain for restaurant management.

In Eastern Europe, ZBC have experience with education exports to both offshore and onshore in regard to our butcher division for example. Our Office of International activities works with institutional partners to provide international opportunities for all students at ZBC.

Many of our international activities originates from the Danish Meat Trade College. Read more about what we can do for business and students.

ZBC education - chef with students

In Denmark it has for generations stood out clearly, that our future, wealth and prosperity relies on our knowledges and capability to innovate. Education has led to the society we have today and that’s why education is extremely important in Denmark.

In a society where raw materials are limited, education becomes vital for the development of society, for the individuals and for future generations to build and maintain a society that can ensure a good and contentious life to all inhabitants.

Education thus becomes the supporting element and a prerequisite for applied knowledge, innovation and research that will ensure the development and the production to ensure and maintain the financing of citizens’ goods and living standards in society.

The Danish society’s investment in education, innovation and research has paid back many fold, whereas a lack of investment will put a society behind with a long-term negative effect.

Investment in education, innovation and research thus becomes the decisive ”raw material” in a society where extraction of raw material and production are not naturally occurring.


Employability is the aim in everything we do at ZBC.

In Denmark, VET education is dual training in cooperation between companies and schools and that leads to high employability.

The Danish educational system emphasises independent thinking, each student taking responsibility for his or her own career, project- and group work and creativity. Our VET students can choose to combine high school education with vocational school so that they can continue their studies at university.

How can ZBC provide excellent training for a promising future?

The practical experience is what makes our students great. In one of the happiest nations in the world, we teach our students the skills they need for the future through a problem-solving approach.

ZBC provides learning experiences that mirror the complex learning and performance found in today’s organisations that meets the labour market demands of tomorrow.

Our pedagogy and didactic methods are based on individual learning depending on where the student is in the learning process. We use different learning methods, for example blended learning and learning based on teacher and students on the one hand - and we involve the latest technological and digital opportunities on the other hand.

We teach our students to be successful managers in a globalised world through cooperation in groups and projects.

Our learning methods are workplace oriented in order to exchange skills related to collaboration so that all our students learn to take independent decisions that are required.

Our learning methods mean that our students will learn to see the world differently and gain stronger soft skills e.g. like influencing, collaborating-, and thinking adaptively.

How we teach at ZBC

International online courses

We offer a wide range of our international courses online. View all courses and dates here or read more detailed descriptions on the courses here.

Summer schools

We offer 3 and 6 weeks Summer School. Your focus on these courses will be Pastry & chef, Sommelier and Social- and healthcarehelper and -assistant. Read more about them here.

Vocational training

We offer vocational training of the food and service industry. Read more about the programmes and how to apply here.

International training

We offer international tailormade training programs directed at employees in the meat production business. Read more about the training programmes here.

International projects

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ZBC's mission:

We educate the future workforce


ZBC's vision:

Education that changes the world

Mission and vision (International Department)

At ZBC we have 4 strategic aims that all have this in mind:

  • Work with changing learning environments, where we challenge habits and traditions by exploring new ways of teaching and developing our college in both physical and pedagogical ways
  • A strong focus on quality
  • Our colleges are close to the labour market, and we work closely with all relevant stakeholders in order to provide the best education and supply the workforce with the expertise and skills they need
  • We believe in having a solid supply of courses and therefore strive to have local colleges.


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Ivan Kousholt, Head of International Relations,  ivko@zbc.dk, +45 2844 2065

Kasper Hansen, International Project Manager, kash@zbc.dk, +45 2890 0758

Malene Olsgaard, International Project Manager, olsg@zbc.dk, +45 4172 1084

Karen Inge Wahlgrén, International Project Manager, kaw@zbc.dk, +45 4172 1020

Tina Christoffersen, International Project Coordinator, tch@zbc.dk, +45 4172 1079

Henni Kanstrup, International Consultant, heka@zbc.dk, +45 3193 5736