Why choose ZBC?

We have many years of international experience in VET education

Educational food programmes with practical training

Do you want to be a baker, butcher, chef, gourmet butcher, pastry chef or waiter? Take your education within the world of nordic gastronomy and food at ZBC. 

Take part in our educational food programmes with practical training. 

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Our courses

At ZBC we have a Summer School program. Take a look at ZBC | Summer School programs at ZBC and get more information about our Summer School for your students and staff.

We also have special courses for staff. You can find information about those right here: ZBC | Staff courses in Denmark

Courses at ZBC - chefs in the kitchen

One of the largest technical and vocational schools in Denmark

Develop your skills through online courses

At the international skills course, you will meet very highly educated teachers with extensive experience in teaching Nordic cuisine, bakery and confectionery.

As a student, through online teaching you will get inspiration for Nordic cooking, sustainability in food production, hygiene courses, how to plan a menu and select wines, sourdough baking and many more options.

See our new courses:

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International online courses - Chefs training in the kitchen

Who we are and what we do

ZBC is the largest technical and vocational school in Denmark and specialises in cutting edge applied and professional programs at any level. Our VET programs lead to both highly practical and very technical jobs.

Changing the world can mean many things at ZBC: You can change your own world by educating yourself and thereby gaining the job that will give you the life you want. Through your education you can also develop and influence the sector you work in and thereby change the world of food experiences, construction techniques etc. Therefore, ZBC strives to get our students prepared to change the world by educating the workforce of tomorrow. We offer many of our students the possibility to go abroad e.g. with the Erasmus+ program as exchanges students. Also, our students and staff will meet with exchange students and staff who we welcome at our school.

In October 2019 ZBC was awarded with an Erasmus+ VET mobility charter - an accreditation and proof of high quality standards in relation to students and staff mobility. 

We always combine craftsmanship with innovation and development, so our students have the capability to do the best job possible and at the same time challenge the traditional way of doing things, so they remain the best in the field.


ZBC education - Masterclass in India

An international experience

At ZBC we have many years of international experience - from Erasmus+ KA1 exchange of staff and students’ programs and cooperation to selling educational solutions in foreign countries.

In cooperation with Danish world leading business, we develop programs that prepare the students for the requirements of each country. In many countries we also provide consultancy service e.g. in establishing VET in Africa, India, US, China and the Middle East.

As an example, we collaborate with partner schools in China, US and Argentina when it comes to students and staff exchanges and development of mutual courses and train the trainer cooperation.

We have sold courses and food and beverage courses to for example India and have didactic cooperation with leading businesses in India. Among others with the Four Seasons hotel chain for restaurant management.

In Eastern Europe, ZBC have experience with education exports to both offshore and onshore in regard to our butcher division for example. Our Office of International activities works with institutional partners to provide international opportunities for all students at ZBC.

Many of our international activities originates from the Danish Meat Trade College. Read more about what we can do for business and students.


For further information please contact International Department:


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Ivan Kousholt, Head of International Relations,  ivko@zbc.dk
+45 2844 2065 (overseas cooperations)

Steffen Carlsson, Development Consultant, stca@zbc.dk,
+45 2844 2007 (overseas cooperations)

Tina Christoffersen, International Project Manager, tch@zbc.dk
+45 4172 1079 (Erasmus+ cooperations)

Nina Hansen, International Project Coordinator, niha@zbc.dk,
+45 2888 5149 (Erasmus+ cooperations)

Henni Kanstrup, International Consultant, heka@zbc.dk
+45 3193 5736 (Erasmus+ cooperations)

Malene Olsgaard, International Project Manager, olsg@zbc.dk
+45 4172 1084 (Erasmus+ cooperations)

Martin Spuur Nielsen, International project owner, mart@zbc.dk,
+45 5056 2477 (Erasmus+ KA2 portfolio manager)

Karen Inge Wahlgrén, International Project Manager, kaw@zbc.dk
+45 4172 1020 (Projects related to the meat industry)