About ZBC

ZBC was established back in the late 18th century and is a well-regarded institution with a long history of educating people. Today, ZBC is the largest educational institution in Denmark.

Who we are and what we do

ZBC is the largest technical and vocational school in Denmark and specialises in cutting edge applied and professional programs at any level. Our VET programs lead to both highly practical and very technical jobs.

Changing the world can mean many things at ZBC: You can change your own world by educating yourself and thereby gaining the job that will give you the life you want. Through your education you can also develop and influence the sector you work in and thereby change the world of food experiences, construction techniques etc. Therefore, ZBC strives to get our students prepared to change the world by educating the workforce of tomorrow. We offer many of our students the possibility to go abroad e.g. with the Erasmus+ program as exchanges students. Also, our students and staff will meet with exchange students and staff who we welcome at our school.

In October 2019 ZBC was awarded with an Erasmus+ VET mobility charter - an accreditation and proof of high quality standards in relation to students and staff mobility. 

We always combine craftsmanship with innovation and development, so our students have the capability to do the best job possible and at the same time challenge the traditional way of doing things, so they remain the best in the field.