Education in focus

Education in focus

Education in focus

In Denmark it has for generations stood out clearly, that our future, wealth and prosperity relies on our knowledges and capability to innovate. Education has led to the society we have today and that’s why education is extremely important in Denmark.

In a society where raw materials are limited, education becomes vital for the development of society, for the individuals and for future generations to build and maintain a society that can ensure a good and contentious life to all inhabitants.

Education thus becomes the supporting element and a prerequisite for applied knowledge, innovation and research that will ensure the development and the production to ensure and maintain the financing of citizens’ goods and living standards in society.

The Danish society’s investment in education, innovation and research has paid back many fold, whereas a lack of investment will put a society behind with a long-term negative effect.

Investment in education, innovation and research thus becomes the decisive ”raw material” in a society where extraction of raw material and production are not naturally occurring.

Learning and teaching model

ZBC provides learning experiences that mirror the complex learning and performance found in today’s organisations that meets the labour market demands of tomorrow.

Our pedagogy and didactic methods are based on individual learning depending on where the student is in the learning process. We use different learning methods, for example blended learning and learning based on teacher and students on the one hand - and we involve the latest technological and digital opportunities on the other hand.

We teach our students to be successful managers in a globalised world through cooperation in groups and projects.

Our learning methods are workplace oriented in order to exchange skills related to collaboration so that all our students learn to take independent decisions that are required.

Our learning methods mean that our students will learn to see the world differently and gain stronger soft skills e.g. like influencing, collaborating-, and thinking adaptively.

How we teach at ZBC