Butcher courses

We offer gourmet courses in sausage making and sous vide

We offer a list of butcher courses soon.

Gourmet courses at ZBC - making sausages

Gourmet sausage maker

We would like to welcome you to a learning full study in Denmark with focus on Gourmet Sausage Maker.

Gourmet Sausage Maker is a course at ZBC Roskilde, which based on the times trends differentiate your
position in the market within the traditional butcher discipline sausage making.

ZBC course Gourmet sauage maker - sausages at a plate

Gourmet sous vide

Prepare juicy and tender meat for your guests

Sous Vide has spread from the professional gastronomes to the private kitchens where the technique they recent years have exploded. Customers’ demands for advice and curiosity about Sous Vide is very popular, and this is where your professional advice and inspiration come into play.

ZBC course Gourmet sous vide - meat and onions at a plate

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