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We offer a lot of inspiring food courses. Get inspiration and new skills from the nordic kitchen

Gourmet Appetizers

At the international skills course Gourmet Appetizers in Denmark, you will meet our highly educated teachers who will introduce you to innovative gastronomy.

Learn how to make delicious and extraordinary appetizers and small dishes before dinner. 

Read more about the course Gourmet Appetizers here.

Courses at ZBC - Gourmet appetizers - small food on spoons

Seafood Nordic

Seafood Nordic is an international skills course at ZBC that enables you to advise and impress yours guests so that they experience a gastronomic enjoyment from the Nordic maritime pantry.

The course is also for you who want to get acquainted with new and old Nordic raw materials, be updated from sea to table in Nordic cuisine, use, collection, storage and cultivation.

Read more about our course Seafood Nordic here. 

ZBC courses seafood - seafood

Modern Nordic kitchen and European fine dining cooking

Get new skills in the fantastic Nordic and European cuisine.

As student, you will be working in the kitchen with raw materials and with different methods to preapare the food and of course taste all the finished products.

Read more about our course in Modern Nordic kitchen and European fine dining cooking here.

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