Waiter courses

We offer different waiter courses at ZBC in Denmark. Get inspired and gain new skills with specialist knowledge

World Class Wine

The World Class Wine course enables you to advise your guests on a holistic experience, where they can
sit back and enjoy the meal that the wine and the dish together contribute to.

The course is based on the French wine districts Bordeaux and Champagne with location, history,
grapes, styles, houses and not least manufacturing and taste.

Read more about our course World Class Wine here. 


ZBC courses World class wine - grapes on a plate

Cheese Sommelier

Cheese Sommelier is a course that enables you to pamper your customers/guests with knowledge and choice of fascinating and eventful cheeses as an elegant part of the meal. 

Read more about our course Cheese Sommelier here. 

ZBC courses Cheese sommelier - cheeses on a plate

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