Project: Innovation and welfare technology

Project: Innovation and welfare technology

The project will give the participating countries a better insight into each other's methods and experiences and will move closer to a common approach to education, pedagogics and didactics in connection with welfare services. The partners have all experienced the same situation all over Europe, i.e., reduced manpower in the social and health sector, and challenges concerning the unused potential of new technologies, as well as challenges concerning health and safety issues. At the same time, there are many different experiences of how the different countries seek to respond to this challenge. The partnership intends to develop a joint European platform for education and training in welfare innovation through an expansion with one or two practice goals.

Together we will carry out individual development projects. Examples of the concepts include:

  • developing compact education courses in the work places using simulation as a method;
  • developing education and training courses in connection with rehabilitation and welfare innovation by combining state-of-the art experiences at European level with practice- oriented learning;
  • an app for clarification of competences in connection with moving people physically;
  • QR codes coupled with didactic models for learning good ergonomics and good practice in health science subjects;
  • implementation support when introducing welfare technology based on learning outcomes and competence goals; and
  • developing a process manual for education and training in the workplace that strengthens the employees' ability to take part as active actors in the implementation processes.

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