Meat training industry

Do you want to increase your profit? The Danish Meat Trade College offers a wide range of tailor made courses for adults in the food industry. The training and/or counselling can take place at ZBC slaughterhouse, in your company or as a combination.

Training and counselling

Our experienced consultants cooperates with your company about increasing your profit and developing your business.

We provide training of staff from suppliers of technology, tools and services to the meat industry – knowing the meat business better - makes better sales people.
Our tailor made courses focus on a combination of highly relevant, theoretical knowledge and practical, hands on training at our slaughterhouse, which provides the participants with tools for production control and improvement of efficiency.

E.g. to hold a knife in your hand, to debone half a pig carcass, and get the knowledge of the meat is a huge eye opener.

To increase profitability the education and training is designed for personnel e.g.:

General Managers, Floor Managers, Supervisors, Key personnel and QC-personnel.

Examples of topics that can influence your value chain and improve your business!

  • LEAN optimization of production and slaughter line
  • Line balancing
  • Production analysis
  • Cost reduction
  • Fast return on investment
  • LEAN Management
  • Quality systems, quality control  and improvement of quality
  • Yield and profitability
  • Animal welfare
  • Practical training – slaughtering techniques
  • Practical training – deboning techniques
  • Management tools for optimization of yield, production and quality
  • Data collection and management of data
  • Time and motion study
  • Food safety and hygiene (microbiology, bacteriology, HACCP and check systems, cleaning in production and work environment).
  • Work descriptions and product specifications
  • Working environment
  • Evaluate the operational chain in a full context with a purpose to reduce sub-optimizing

Meet Andreas: "One of the best educational systems I have seen"

Former exchange student Andreas Pouros was so impressed with The Danish Meat Trade College, that he took initiative to start a training course at ZBC directed at people from his home country’s meat industry.


Please contact International Department and let’s talk about possibilities for your business:

Our facilities

The Danish Meat Trade College has full scale education and training facilities for the students:

  • Training slaughterhouse and de-boning facilities (4,000 m2) opened in 2011
  • Meat processing facilities for sausage production and smoked, cured products
  • Food shop for training
  • Training restaurant and cafe
  • Bread bakery & pastry bakery facilities
  • Various kitchen facilities
  • Training facilities for service assistants & security guards

The full scale training facilities for food production fulfil all veterinarian and hygienic requirements stipulated by EU and the objective is to sell its products under normal businesslike conditions to the local market or as export. The education is very practically oriented and provides the students with hands on experience during the educational periods.

For more information on our facilities - Have a look at our brochure.

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