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Summer School program

Get new skills on different levels with focus on Danish bakery, pastry, modern kitchen and European cooking.

At the Summer School on ZBC you gain skills within Danish bakery and pastry, modern kitchen, and European cooking.
You will work with the best raw materials in our top facilities at our food and hospitality schools on Zealand.

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An introduction

Attending a Summer School at ZBC will introduce you to a carrier in modern global cooperation.

At the Summer School on ZBC you gain skills within Danish educations a Pastry chef, Nordic kitchen and Wine sommelier. For all Summer Schools we will have strong focus on developing your individual skills.

Some of the best lecturers in Denmark, with great professional pride, will teach you.

Regardless of which subject you attend, you will be working a lot in the workshop – whether it is in the bakery/pastry or kitchen. We want to do the teaching so close to practice as possible.

ZBC Summer School - teacher and 2 Food students

Why study in Denmark?

In Denmark, we teach our students to be successful managers in a globalized world through cooperation in groups and projects.

The students learn taking independent decisions that are required if they want to work international.

As a successful employee in an international company, it is very important that you can cooperate with other professionals from other parts of the world. It is not enough to know many facts; it is just as important to be able to develop your ideas and knowledge into profitable solutions. At ZBC you learn how to reach your goals through independent decisions and task-based problem solving.

ZBC summer school - students at school

Why ZBC?

The leaders of tomorrow must have a global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. At ZBC you will not only learn the basic elements of education and political systems around the world. You will learn seeing the world differently and gain stronger soft skills e.g. like influencing, collaborating-, and thinking adaptively. You’ll be challenged to think creatively, be resourceful, and work together with your fellow students in a collaborative learning environment.

You will learn about networking, and you will learn how to see things differently. It´s not just theory, theory, theory – but a lot more “Hands-on”. That is what makes you better.

You will learn about conflict management and working with various professional groups.

ZBC Summer School programs - pupil writing at the board

Feel the culture

During the spare time, we will encourage you to visit famous Danish places like Tivoli, the Little mermaid, Odense, the hometown of H.C. Andersen, to see a part of the Danish culture. Our summer school prepare you for working, leading and thriving in the today´s global world.

ZBC summer school - Tivoli

Get the Summer School Badge

After ending the Summer School in Denmark, you will receive an electronic badge.

The badge will show what you have been working with during your participation in the Summer School. You can share the badge on the social medias and use it on your CV for your further working life. If you participate in both areas, you will receive a badge for each of them.

How to apply

Here you can subscribe to Pastry & chef courses and sommelier course at ZBC.

We look forward to see you in Denmark, and if you have, any kind of questions, please contact Ivan Kousholt at